Why are your products so cheap?

Our products are sold at competetive prices mainly because they are obtained using leaked credit card & PayPal billing information. Data is first acquired, gift cards are bought using the data and then used to purchase goods on various clearnet stores in order to further anonymize the purchase.

Then why don't you just sell these products on eBay, Amazon, etc. yourselves?

In fact, we do. However, dealing in large unaccounted (i.e. no Tax paid) amounts causes high suspicion so the remainder of our main business' products is sold here.

Do you have discount for big orders?

If you buy products for $ 2000 or more on the same occasion, you get 20% discount.

How do I pay for your products ?

You can only pay with Bitcoin in our store. This keeps both parties safe, secure and anonymous. We recommend for buying Bitcoins, unless you already have a Bitcoin wallet.

Are your products 100% original and not fake?

All products are 100% original, purchased from authorized retailers.

Is it safe to use iPhones bought from your store?

Yes, it is completely safe, they are not stolen, they are purchased perfectly legal from authorized retailers. You can register these products in your own name or apple id, without any problems. Its 100% safe, since these are NOT stolen goods.

Will your iPhones work in my country?

All iPhones we sell are unlocked and can be used with all GSM / CDMA network worldwide.

Is there a chance that the phone I am ordering will get blocked?

No. None of the retailers we buy from register the serial numbers or lMEls of their stock individually; however, in case it happens, we will issue You a full refund upon receiving proof of such occurence.

To which countries do you send your products?

We send our products to all countries by DHL, UPS EMS,and TNT. Delivery

I'm in Europe, which uses a 23oV outlet instead of a 11oV like in America. Will the iMac work? Also, what about taxes?

For European and Asian customers we will ship from one of our alternate locations within the EU, which means that they will receive an item which was meant for their home market.

In any other case, a problem like that can be solved by simply using the correct mains adaptor, which will usually be included. As for the taxes, Americans, Canadians and citizens of the EU will not have to pay any import duties. In all other cases, the items will be declared as gifts of a lesser value or items sent back for warranty repairs and will not be insured to minimize eliminate any import costs for You.

How many days will it take for my package to be delivered?

1 - Regular mailing, is included in the price and takes 5-7 days to deliver
Express shipping, costs $30 extra, delivers in 2 days, comes with a tracking number (add the shipping cost to the order)
Overnight shipping available ( Us & Canada only) for $55 (add the shipping cost to the order)
We ship Worlwide 100% securely and discretely. Even if the parcel is opened there is nothing to incriminate you.

How is the stock status of a particular product I'm interested in?

Our stock is constantly changing, and about 30% of the products in our shop are always in stock. The delivery time for non stock items are about 12 days. Please contact us if you have further questions.

I want to buy a product that are not in stock, what should I do?

Contact us through our contact page and let us know which product you want to buy. Please specify the model and other technical details of the product, we will get back to you when the product can be in stock.